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. courtney robinson tells us what that will mean for the more than 141,000 students back in class today. >> for the class of 2010, it is a celebration. a new year, at the school, back to the books, back to where things left off with budget cuts. >> we will have a good year no matter what. >> as montgomery county's 200 schools will come students, they are in the midst of a spending freeze. any open positions will stay vacant except for principals and teachers whose pay is supplemented by federal dollars. this after the system was able to shore up a deficit in the spring, shedding 2 to the jobs and doing away with the cost of living -- shedding 250 jobs and doing away with cost-of-living raises. >> we may have a few more issues to deal with as the year unfolds, depending on how revenues come in. we staffed and we planned. >> the projected budget gap looms. montgomery county is having to do the same with less funding and about 3000 new students. >> i think it is going to hurt the students at the end. it is not fair that we do not spend money on education. >> the superintendent is not perce
sotomayor opposed to win and become the third woman and first hispanic to become a u.s. supreme court judge. >> if the u.s. senate will confirm sonia sotomayor by your to be associate justice of the supreme court. >> today the vote culminates. the majority of republicans will not vote in favour. >> i must withhold. i will withhold my consent. >> eight republicans and all democrats point at her record as a reason to confirm. >> she is a judge of unimpeachable character and integrity. these critics have chosen to ignore her cents of record and judicial modesty and restraint. >> the house has approved funding for "cash for clunkers." lawmakers reached a deal to provide $2 billion to extend the program through labor day. they hope consumers will bring in half a million more gas guzzlers for rebates on more efficient ones. a full vote of the senate expected on sonia sotomayor my for today. after that the summer recess begins tomorrow. >> looks like a home prices are expected to fall again next year. that means nearly half of all u.s. homeowners will owe more than their house is worth in 2011. if
will go. the decision will show us how the fed sees the economy is doing now. we have a preview of the announcement. >> do you feel like the recession is ending? >> no, i think we are still in it and we need more time to get out of it. >> many economists say otherwise. they believe the economy is recovering from one of the worst recessions in history, in part to rising home sales. >> i am convinced we see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> in may and july, 331,000 jobs were shed per month. today the fed will announce their take on the economy and what actions will be taken to keep things on track. that could mean allowing several programs intended to spur growth to expire. >> it will take more time than this and more programs. i do not think it will make more difference. >> for the consumers, the confidence in the government decisis are there, but they still worry about jobs and their bottom line. the fed is predicting unemployment could reach 10%. the decision on whether to raise that key bank lending rate or keep it near 0%, is due out at around 2:00 this afternoon. >>> th
, near the detention center in jessup, maryland, the convicted thief used his handcuffs to choke the deputy who was driving the cruiser. he jumped out the window, sparking a huge manhunt. he is now charged with attempted murder. >>> a montgomery county police officer accused of lying in a dui case is now under indictment. the howard county state's attorney office announced today that the officer faces one count perjury and one count of misconduct. back in april, she testified that she arrested a drunk driver who was behind the wheel of a car in a gaithersburg parking lot for its surveillance video shows the man lying in the back seat at the time. charges against him were dismissed. >>> we are in for a never hot and sticky day today. things are looking up for at least half the weekend. brian van de graaff is live at tysons corner mall with a first look at your forecast and a call to donate blood. have you done your civic duty? >> not yet, it takes about one hour. many people are here doing it. we have all crew of pein led in ready to give blood. ouo okt excited they are. look at a
of these americans -- all of us want to get them out but we wanted done in a way that does not increase the risk in the future for other americans. >> what does this mean for the hitchhikers off course and captured and now being held in iran. ? >>> we turn to pennsylvania. police said a man who opened fire inside a gymn planeeee planning thisri c fmerouthonss and he expressed anger towar n.wo policeaywo s he managed to mthue e rewomen before killing himself with an assault that began with turning off the lights and opening fire. >> witnesses say it sounded like people playing racquetball. >> i kept hearing poem. > what they kept hearing was gunshots. >> people were bleeding and hit the door. the lady was shot and a leg and a lady was shot in the shoulder. >> it was about 8:00 tuesday night en the 48-year-old entered an aerobics class at l.a. fitness in bridgeville, pennsylvania. there were about 30 women in sight. he turned out the lights and opened fire. >> i could see flashes in the dark. as when i realized that someone was actually using a firearm. >> four people are dead, including the gunma
education campaign on the dangers of the underage drinking. it will soon cost more to use valet parking in the district because it will charge restaurants more to get permits. businesses that offer valet four days a week must park cars and in austria lots. businesses say if they cannot use jpra parking, that may have to pull the brakes on the service. -- they cannot use street parking. >> it's ridiculous. >> new regulations are being put into place to address problems related to valet parking, not to make money. enrollment at traditional public schools in d.c. is less than half what it was 29 years ago. in 1980 there or 100,000 students. 45,000 are expected on next monday. charter schools began in d.c. in 1996. students this year. the time is running out for d.c. students to get to the vaccines they need before going back to school. the district has set up four vaccination clinics. parents can get their children vaccinated at miller middle school, kramer middle school, and coolidge high school and one of its corporate from 2:00 this afternoon until 10:00 tonight. coming up, the only man
heat on this monday. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us for the item alison starling. a heat advisory just went into effect. what does that mean for you? how hot will it really get? brian van de graaff has more. >> the heat advisory takes in conjunction the at and temperatur t ihe t fes y wt enintodvoryen wt intoin eft fo r much of the area. he isre there latest u noon until 8 thesee there a sasn yellow. it is not to the west but it will still be hot but not quite as hot. let's take a look at our weatherbug network. let's show you the hazy sunshine. we have tse have not we have not you see. 99 sveilegre in silver spring bt it feels like 101. here is a look at the storms gan. a couple of storms along the appalachian chain. we will see if it makes across the mountains. the big story today is the key. we'll show you how people are dealing with the heat. kathy park is live in northwest d.c. >> we have been out in northwest since 5:00 this morning. ever since then, we have keep in -- we have been keeping an eye on the temperatures. this is live from cleveland park.
and muggy for everyone today. brian van de graaff tells us more on the eve way. i>> >> iisorend august-like pattern. we will be in the mid 90' today. is isivthis l is live w tthheera eaer ace li btt little bit of haze hangg across the bridge. e 90's toiurweorking our 9thda today. ecrort is much like yesterday with patchy clos and hot conditions. temperatures are in the low to mid-90's. let's show you a couplofe things -- claudette developed late yesterday aica optral storm and look made landfall near -- in foplorida. that will bring heavyri rains ad s st tormwndohere. the big story will be rain in the south but they need it. that could bring some rain to us later in the week. two other systems are swirling, ana which is nr eapuerto rico, and that is hurricane bill. more about what is happening in the tropics coming up in a few minutes. >> tropical storm claudette came ashore on the florida panhandle overnight. >> the gulf is more parma unusual for intensification this year. >> some call it a warning shot. it could be a lethal hurricane season. >> i am looking out for my boat. >> the wi
. take simonton those in west virginia. >> i think the market share gains we are making has allowed us to call our employees back. >> the company has rehired everyone of the 263 employees laid off since last november. >> my family was excited knowing i would come back to work and get a paycheck every week. >> while economists predict unemployment will reach a 10% or higher by the end of the year, last month it dipped slightly to 9.4%, the first decrease since april of last year. >> there are firms hiring out there. there is a national career fair at the crown plaza in tysons corner until 2:00 this afternoon. companies include bankers life & casualty, diegeico, and the secret service. >>> veteran montgomery county firefighters face serious charges after police say he tried to solicit sex from a teenage girl online and a 44- year-old wayne mothershead entered an ad from what he thought was a 16-year-old girl who was really an undercover officer. he was arrested july 20 after showing up to meet her at a shopping center in gaithersburg. >> the suspect was arrested by vice intelligence offi
passengers along the purple line. i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. gov. martin o'malley just made the announcement a few hours ago from one of the stops. matt brock has details. >> with quite a bit of fanfare, gov. martin o'malley and dozens more elected officials gathered to make the announcement most already expected. >> we are moving forward. >> good news for her. >> you got that. right. >> she likes the idea of light rail from new carrollton west to bethesda. for one reason -- less time on the red line. >> red line, you have to go down, cross and then go back up. >> govern o'malley said it took about 50 years to get to this point, 50 years of planning, discussions, sometimes heated discussions. but now the state has the final word and it decided officially to forgo rapid bus transit and instead going with light rail because he says it will just be much better. >> cleaner and faster. >> the governor says light rail will be quicker, more efficient and run cleaner. >> it will be sleek, it will be quiet, low to the ground. this is not your grandfathers' light rail. >> the ne
. >>> the latest today is prince george's county fire officials are responding to this story. mark brady told us that the failure to respond had no impact on response time. budget cuts are not the story. he says the story is a connet eghir f engine caught on fire in it was put out. >>> let's turn to the weather. temperatures are rising and we could be in for a hot week. >> it is quiet out there now. an area of high pressure is -aitled across the midre ep di u will keep us dry for the dayke equperatesurtemperatures will r a u yesterday, we hi83 dt esreeg. ooik l l ttbe, cueny,tl 81 degrees in alexia. there are clear skies across the mid-atlantic. the storm yesterday is well offshore. we will look for a couple of pleasant days ahead and a cool down is coming. will have the full forecast in a few minutes. >>> sounds good. we turn to the latest on the deadly metro collision. starting this week, the signal system will be repaired and replaced. the work will begin between the to, and court taught in stations. that is the site of the deadly crash in june. there will be more delays. >> red line riders h
of the ntsb tells us the probe could take longer than first thought. debbie hersman was the face of that investigation. like many members of the ntsb who live here and often ride metro, she says this one hits home. >> i have had the opportunity to meet with some of the families. just knowing the devastating impact that has gone on in the lives of parents and children, people who were loved very much. >> within minutes, debbie hersman was driving to the crash site from downtown office. she quickly became the of calm strong voice of the june 22 crash. sometimes at odds with local leaders. >> we need to be able to work towards a fleet with others, but we also need to be theruth tellers -- able to work cooperatively with others. >> we caught her moving into her new office as chairman of the ntsb. >> memories of 2006. >> she has been a board member for five years, but at 39, she is one of the youngest chairman ever. she says being the mother of three young boys keep sir focused on victims and families when tragedy strikes. as for metro, she vows this investigation will get to the bott
network is showing us what is happening. it will not be as toasty as yesterday but it will still be on the one side. -- warm side .side. s'right now.right noow l ouw.if you factor in at heat index, it feels like 107 degrees. we will look for a couple thunderstorms to develop this afternoon. that will call for scattered showers and thunderstorms with a potential for some of them to be heavy. we had a few last night. it will close down tomorrow and look ahead to the rest of the weekend weekend in a few minutes. >>> because of the heat, montgomery count fy will beresne at all of their county pools. this is from 6:00 until 9:00 tonight. if you want to forecast any time, you can always log onto >>> the attributes are pouring in for eunice kennedy shriver. she died early this morning. person says her body was week at the end. her heart was strong. it was abundantly fall. she was known for being more than just part of the kennedy clan. she founded the special olympics. >> at the headquarters in northwest washington, one lone flower sets of the base of eunice kennedy shriver's
tragic. >> these beer bottles may have been used as accelerants. >> we have one fire burned last year, and it was a random act and we had never had any before. we had three last night, which means it is escalating. >> he says the big obstacle now is clean up, potentially costing more than $100,000. his big concern is what happens next. >> it progresses. it starts trash cans, and then it goes to houses. we need to catch these people and find out who is doing a. >> montgomery county police say it is too early to know if more than one arsonist was involved, but they are asking for your help in making an arrest. if you have any information, call the montgomery county arson hot line. for now, montgomery county police and firefighters will be beefing up to patrols in this area. going through the neighborhood, looking for clues. in damascus, pamela brown, abc 7 news. >>> investigators are also taking a close look at this apartment fire in gaithersburg. the blaze stted on the third floor last night. they want to know if someone set the fire or if it cideally. the complex was sche
, education of the less fortunate. he is dead today at the age of 77. thank you for joining us today. i am alison starling. he was the last of the kennedy brothers. his career spanned scandal and legislative success few others ever achieved. courtney robinson joins us with a look back at his life. >> it was a life of both triumph and tragedy. known for his ability to reach across the aisle and his impassioned speeches, his legacy will live on. >> it is the glory and the greatness of our tradition to speak for those who have no voice. >> said he did. senator ted kennedy, the last liberal lion, spent almost half a century on the sceneena floor. the kid brother of jack and bobby, he emerged in 1962 at 30 years old. >> i dedicate my strength to serve you in the united states senator. >>today i formally announce thai am a candidate for president of the united states. >> in 1980 he lost the race to jakarta in part to what happened 10 years old --ar 1yes0 earlier when hdrove his car off a bridge in massachusetts. in the 1980's, he focused on the senate. he then found his wife, victoria. now the
>> live and in hd, this is abc7 "news at noon" on your side. >>> this crash sent a u.s. park police officer to the hospital with serious injuries and backed up traffic on the baltimore washington parkway for miles. good afternoon. the parkway is open now and traffic is flowing again, but at the height of the morning rush, the chain reaction crash injured three people in all and close down that highway. pamela brown has the details. >> it all started with a routine traffic stop. a police officer pulled over this station wagon. as the officer was walking back to his cruiser, authorities say that a large truck veered off of the side of the road and slammed into the back of his car. >> we are not sure exactly how it happened. the officer appeared to have gotten pulled underneath his cruiser. >> officials tell us that the park police officer was dragged underneath his car from where this sign is all away until the tow trucks are. amazingly, he made it all of this -- made it out of all of this alive. he was speaking after the accident occurred and was flown to the hospital with non-life t
generation rates. >>> the governor will give us an update in about half an hour on maryland's efforts to fight the swine flu. it includes an ambitious plan to offer a vaccine to every maryland resident who wants it. that depends, of course, on the availability of the vaccine. federal officials say no volunteers experienced serious theh1n1ects from vaccine testing. that was partially conducted in maryland. >>> we're following a developing story from buffalo, new york or two firefighters lost their lives in the line of duty this morning. the building just started caving in and crumbling into flames. >> the two firefighters lost their lives battling a three- alarm fire that broke out just before 4:00 a.m. this morning. crews were still on the scene several hours after the initial call. officials say the first floor of the two-story deli collapsed, trapping the firefighters after they went in to rescue someone inside the building. there were reports that a third person rose in the basement at the time of the fire, but authorities and not releasing any more details. a local tv stations and
of mustard agent was found. there was a flask found that contained mustard agent. horton says the digging us continue until all chemical weapons are removed. we are hearing from the 14-year- old girl who was shot by stray bullets inside her southeast home. she was shot in the back with twa zero of the six bullets fired from a gun early yesterday morning. they pierced the walls of her room at frederick douglass place. >> i thought i heard a firecracker, and that is when my mother called 911. >> tia now insists on sleeping on the floor of her mother's wrote. it has been a violent summer. patrols had been stepped up. >>> d.c. police say the victim found inside a pizza shop is the co-owner. the body of shahabuddin braha was discovered inside a pizza market on fourth street yesterday. police are treating this as a homicide. the virginia tech counselor who took home the medical records of a gunman had been fired following a 2005 independent review of the campus medical center. robert miller said he mistakenly put students' records with personal papers as he was cleaning out his office. in 2007, th
in repose injfk library in boston. thank you for joining us. after the public viewing there will be a private wake and funeral be for one last journey to washington and his final resting place. we have more on the services. >> the final farewell to ted kennedy continues with a second round of mourners lining up outside gen f. kennedy presidential library. >> i appreciated his accomplishments and out of respect for him i wanted to be here today. >> a memorial service will be held this evening, followed by a private funeral services tomorrow morning. president obama will give the eulogy and dignitaries are expected to attend, including four former presidents. >> the journey will end here at arlington national cemetery. he held this place dear to his heart after a loss of his two brothers. >> he can hear all the time. he came on the anniversaries of the deaths and births. >> he will be laid to rest down from the ththf er oete na et flame arcing need grace said of his brother -- rate down the line from his brother. >> groundskeepers are busy making the site khristine for t
as the preparations for the procession are made. thank you for joining us today. i am alison starling. senator kennedy himself planned his funeral arrangements. we have more on his last wishes. >> for three days his life will be celebrated and remembered as his body is carriedo each of the places he most treasured. >> that is what we will do in the next few days, it is celebrate his life. >> arocession will leave his home in hyannis port and make its way to boston, a city where he spent his childhood. it will wind its way downtown to the john f. kennedy library where he will lie in proposed today and tomorrow. >> he told his family he was ready to go. >>ars e expected to turn out. after visitation ends tomorrow, an invitation only memorial will be filed -- will be held inside the library. then there will be a private family service. the guest list includes president obama, who will give the eulogy. it is a place kennedy held dear to his heart after his daughter was fighting cancer. >> there was another part of his life very few people knew o o ad that is his deep faith. >> a procession will then conti
develop or strong enough to put down a half an inch of rain. most of us will remain dry. like yesterday, partly cloudy with a straight, have the thunderstorm, mid-80's with a southeasterly breeze. it will be muggy tomorrow and we get a mix of clouds and sunshine. it will be a mere 94 tomorrow and sunday. by sunday, you will feel more of the heat and humidity. as we go into early next week, we stay in the low 90's with an organized a chance for showers by next wednesday or thursday. this is typical august weather. just as we promise 100% fresh produce... and rancher's reserve beef, guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we now promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. you have high blood pressure... and you have high cholesterol. you've taken steps to try and lower both your numbers. but how close are you to your goals? there may be more you can do. only caduet combines two pro
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